We fulfill your need for speed

Finding the Room

Mission-critical applications need speed and space to function optimally. The changing needs of your business mean that itís tough to determine how much speed and capacity youíll need at any given time. When estimating your needs for the long term, mistakes can be fatal. Too little space can be detrimental to your business. Too much can damage your bottom line.

Getting a grip

If you send your business-critical data out into that obscure-sounding Ďcloudí, how do you know it will be as safe and stable as possible? How do companies get the capacity, speed, and security they need, without paying for extras they donít?

Determining your direction

Bitbrains vCloud Director Services puts you in the driverís seat. Youíre in control of the speed and capacity thatís available at any given moment. You can scale up and down whenever necessary to ensure you always have exactly what you need, without paying for what you donít. And Bitbrains guarantees that our security standards are as high Ė or higher Ė than yours. We strive for the highest level of performance, within the confines of a secure system. The best of both worlds.

With Bitbrains vCloud Director Services, you will:

  • Always be in control of your systemís speed and capacity
  • Enjoy the highest level of technology and ultimate flexibility
  • Experience enterprise-class performance and security
  • Maintain your current system, and yet increase the possibilities within it
  • Eliminate the limitations your current system causes, without buying new equipment

From an IT perspective:

  • With vCloud Director, youíre in control of your IT, even though itís running in our cloud
  • Thereís no interruption to your current environment, no new hard- and software to buy