Virtual Private Datacenter Services

Building a better system

To keep up with demand, your IT system needs to run at ultimate efficiency. Even the best software is only as good as the processors and hardware on which its running. If your hardware is overloaded with applications, users and processes that slow things down, your only options are to constantly invest in new hardware, or learn how to use your current hardware better.

Hardware, reborn

How can a company make their current hardware run at optimal efficiency? Is there a way to ensure up-to-date software and applications throughout the company, without an enormous investment in new equipment? Can older equipment run like new again?

Back for more, better than ever

With the Bitbrains Virtual Private Datacenter, it can. Well take your operating system, your applications, your software and servers and remove them for your current hardware. And, while all of that is running safely and optimally in our virtual environment, your hardware is free to do its job: giving you access to the power of all that technology. Your older equipment will run like new again or even better.

With Virtual Private Datacenter, you will:

  • Eliminate your current datacenter from your balance sheet
  • Access the latest technology and software, without having to purchase it yourself
  • Enjoy the highest level of continuity and availability possible

From an IT perspective:

  • Bitbrains provides access to the latest software and applications
  • No interruption to current IT services everything just runs better
  • Reliable and consistent backups for ultimate security