Managed Hosting

Keeping up with the times

As your business changes, your IT needs change. Increased data traffic, multiple business locations, new applications and changes in technology mean that to stay competitive, your company has to constantly consider the IT implications of every new development.

Hosting 2.0

Managed Hosting is the most efficient way to stay ahead of the technology of today, and ensure your data is still safe tomorrow. Instead of investing heavily on new in-house equipment that may soon be obsolete, companies are sending their data and applications into a virtual ‘cloud’ that will remain up-to-date, safe and ready for any changes that come along.

Jump onto the cloud

By virtualizing your entire IT system, you eliminate the need for investment and long-term maintenance of complex IT systems. Your data and processing needs are endlessly adaptable, and your business-critical systems are safe from external invasion, and internal meltdown.

The host with the most

Bitbrains Managed Hosting Services focus on taking the risks and roadblocks out of your IT system by managing them within our Cloud Platform. We offer nearly limitless scalability in capacity, lightning-fast response to your changing needs, and service levels that meet – and often exceed – your expectations. All at a fraction of the cost of implementing a new system.

With Bitbrains Managed Hosting, you will:

  • Increase the functionality, safety and speed of your applications
  • Serve your customers better with a more stable and reliable platform
  • Save time and money by improving your current environment, instead of replacing it
  • Focus on your core business, instead of the limitations of your IT

From an IT perspective:

  • Bitbrains Managed Hosting puts the control in your hands, and the data in ours;
  • With our cloud, there’s no disruption in your current environment – things run just like before, only better.

Building a Better Platform

When the city of Amsterdam wanted better management of their public works projects, they called PSMS, experts in that area. When PSMS wanted to take their solution virtual, they called Bitbrains, the experts in Cloud Computing. Today, more than 30 municipalities are using the Public Space Roadwork Hotline, an online tool with the power of Bitbrains Cloud Computing. Read more.