The method behind our madness

By listening to our clients and understanding their needs, we can customize a system that is perfectly suited to your specific requirements. We won’t try to sell you services and space you don’t need. We’ll just give you the control and capacity you want – at a fraction of the price and time of other systems.

Step 1: Bring us your challenge

Bitbrains always begins with an in-depth look at your system. From the infrastructure to the applications, we want to know it all. We use interviews, network traces, user requirements and Service & Architecture Questionnaires to get a full picture of your current IT environment, and what your situation requires. The bigger the challenge, the greater the limitations, the more we look forward to finding the right solution.

Step 2: We wrap our brains around it

Once we have a clear picture of what you want and need your system to do, our engineers will get to work developing a solution that fits. We’ll present you with a High Level Design (HLD) that outlines our approach, our method and the outcome of our idea. Not 100% convinced? We’ll work with you to revise the HLD until the vision in your mind matches the plan in our brains.

Step 3: We prove it works

We’re so convinced that we can find the right IT solution for your processing and capacity needs, we’ll show you it works before we implement it. Using your data, your applications and your parameters, we’ll run the complete system safely on our platform, and provide you with a Proof of Concept (PoC). Not a model, not a partial ‘sample’ version. The whole solution. You can see the results in practice before you make a decision.

Step 4: We ensure it’s perfect

Once you’ve seen the Proof of Concept and approved it, we can get to work implementing it into your environment. In the best of circumstances, this is simply a matter of moving the solution from our platform to yours. But often, adjustments and refinements need to be made to make the system work optimally in your current environment.

Once that’s all underway, we start working with Service Managers and System Administrators to refine, revise, fine-tune and formulate the optimal system within your environment. We keep track of every adjustment, every change, every nuance, so that you always have a clear picture of what’s happening.

From start to finish

Although there’s a lot to do, Bitbrains method is based on years of experience. Often, we can complete our entire method – from the first meeting to the fully operable system – in just a few weeks.

Our brains, your control

With Bitbrains, you’ll discover all that our smart engineers can offer. But we’ll never act without your knowledge. We’ll never step outside the boundaries you set for us. We’ll make our solutions tangible and measurable before we implement anything, so that you can see the exact results of our efforts, without any threat to your business-critical systems.

No surprises

We’ve taken the guesswork out of building a better system. Since all of our solutions are demonstrated in the Proof of Concept phase, you’ll always have a clear picture of our direction, our approach and our solution. From total certainty to ultimate flexibility, you can rest assured that Bitbrains will keep you informed – and in control – every step of the way. Costs and expenses will be explained in detail, and realistic timelines will be set, and met. We don’t believe in surprises, so you won’t get any.