Tomorrow’s technology, available today

Bitbrains combines the latest technology and smart engineering to deliver high performance IT solutions to our clients. We develop, implement, host and manage IT environments within the strictest boundaries of security.

We specialize in getting the ultimate performance out of existing IT systems by utilizing the power of Cloud Platforms and High Performance Computing. In simple terms, we turn your go-cart into a race car, and make sure it performs under the strictest rules of road safety.

Going getting tough? We get going

Where other companies fear to tread, Bitbrains jumps in with both feet. Bring us your strict safety regulations, your outdated hardware, your impossible deadlines, and we’ll bring you the ultimate IT solutions. And not just for today: we’ll make sure our solution remains viable and flexible, through all the changes your company experiences, well into the future.

Next stop: Cloud 9

Although Cloud Computing is the latest buzzword in IT, Bitbrains has been working in the field for several years. In fact, while some companies are still working out the bugs in their first-generation cloud, we’re getting ready to launch the third generation of ours.

Our Bendy Andy 2 Cloud was already the leader in secure, fast, flexible computing. Bendy Andy 3 surpasses even our high expectations for state-of-the art technology, unsurpassed security and limitless computing power.

We’ve got the experience to get the most out of Bendy Andy, and bring all that computing power to your doorstep. We’re not just some flash-in-the-pan development boutique. We’ve been working on our cloud for six years and counting, and we just keep making it better.

Not your typical ‘nerds’

Bitbrains was founded by people who worked in the banking and insurance industries. That means that we know all about the importance of security and regulation. Although we’re dreamers when it comes to IT potential, we’re realists about the restrictions of business critical data and regulatory compliance.

Company rising

In our nine years as a company, we’ve worked on three generations of our cloud platform, and seen consistent growth in both our staff numbers and our bottom line. When our customers first arrive, they’re not sure what we can deliver for them. But they come back to us – again and again – with the confidence of knowing that we can solve their IT concerns quickly, safely and intelligently.